Turn your iPad into a full teleprompter.

Teleprompt +3 is a $20 app that allows you to use your iPad as a teleprompter.  Paired with a companion app on your iPhone, which serves as a remote control device, it gives you the confidence to focus on your delivery, knowing your well composed content is right there in front of you.  With a little practice, your audience will not be aware that you have an assistant.  It is perfect as well for knowing the exact length of your presentation--the program tells you how long your content will take to deliver at your assigned scrolling pace.  Pause it with the remote on your iPhone to ad-lib, and then restart it to go right back into your prepared remarks.

When you have crafted a strong verbal presentation, help yourself deliver it as prepared.  Remove that level of anxiety that comes from having to memorize your content--or distract your audience by looking at down at your notes.  This app is worth a try.  And it is so easy to use.

Prepare your content as a word document, then copy and paste it into a new presentation on the app.  Once it is saved in the app, you can quickly edit it on the fly. Download the companion app on your iPhone and pair it with iPad.  Now you can use the phone as a remote to control scroll rate, speed up, slow down, or pause your presentation.  Follow these steps below to get set up and going.

Importing a script

This step is easy.  You can download a text file from cloud storage.  But you can also just email yourself a word document if you prepared your script on another device, open the document, copy the text, and paste it into your new presentation.  You can also type your text directly into a new script within the app itself.

Edit the script as you refine it.

The script can be easily edited within the app itself. And the app gives you script word length and the time length of the presentation.  When you adjust the speed (more on that below), you can see immediately how it impacts your presentation time.


Using the iPhone as a remote

With bluetooth turned on (both iPad and iPhone), and with the app running on both devices, press the "broadcast" icon in the lower right hand portion of this image on your phone.  The app on your phone will pick up your iPad as a device that it can control. Select your iPad.

Now you are connected.

Here is the screen indicating that we have successfully linked our devices, the iPad being listed as the connected "prompting device."  You have the option here to "mirror" your text in horizontal or vertical orientation.


Press the start arrow and watch the countdown clock.

You can set a countdown clock for whatever length you want.  You will see the countdown on your iPhone app.

Controlling the timing

Here is where you need to practice a bit.  This is the image on the iPhone.  The image on the iPad does not have the control bar at the bottom, just the text.  So on your iPhone, you can speed up or slow down the scroll rate (tortoise and hare, get it?).  You can also pause your presentation by hitting the pause bar, and restart it by hitting the start arrow.  But you can also place your finger in the text itself and scroll forward or backward.  With a little practice, you can work the remote without changing your focus on the iPad screen.

Apple Watch as a remote

There is also an app for the Apple Watch, which can function as a remote device to control the script.

Watch this short tutorial on the full function of Teleprompt +3.