Updated September 17, 2017



Apple's release of a new ios operating system for mobile devices

Apple will release its latest operating system for mobile devices--iPads and iPhones--on September 19th.  It is worth downloading, and it is free.  If you are an Apple fan, watch the Keynote. Here are some of the new features:

• Multitasking 

Drag an app out of the dock and use Slide Over or Split View to accomplish two things at once - like scrolling through the News app, while also typing a note in Messages. 

• Document Scanner

Scan single or multiple-page documents with the new document scanner, which automatically finds the edges of your page from any angle and centers your document for the perfect crop. Add annotations to your document using Markup with Apple Pencil on iPad Pro, making it super easy to sign and return forms without having to print them out.

• Drag and Drop

With drag and drop on iPad, use the power of Multi-Touch to quickly and easily move text, images, and files between apps and select multiple items with just a few taps. Soon, you may notice many of your favorite apps add this capability too!

• Files app

With the all-new Files app there’s one central location to browse, search, and organise files that are stored on your iPad, in iCloud Drive, and even on other cloud services. 

• Instant Notes on iPad

Need to jot something down quickly? Simply tap Apple Pencil on iPad Pro and open Notes instantly from the Lock Screen. Use the search tool to easily navigate your handwritten text, when you need to find specific notes. 

• Do Not Disturb while driving

Eliminate all distractions while driving by automatically blocking notifications with the Do Not Disturb while driving feature. 



Duet Display is a $15.00 app for your iPad and a small program for your laptop that allows you to use your iPad as a second screen for your laptop.  This works for both PCs and Macs.  


New ipad pro

Apple has just announced a new iPad model.  If you are looking to upgrade your current iPad to one that maximizes screen size and allows full utilization of the Apple Pencil, now is a good time to buy.  

iPad Pro

Apple has just come out with a new 10.9 inch model that maximizes screen space on a mid-size tablet.  Or choose the larger 12.9 inch display.  Couple it with the Apple Pencil, and start to amaze yourself with the power of this device.  


a portable 3d scanner that connects to your ipad

A company named Occipital  has developed a product called the Structure 3D scanner,  a small hardware device that attaches to your iPad with a provided bracket, plugs into the power slot, and utilizes and app that allows you to take 3D scans of anything from a small object to a full room.  Buy the scanner package for about $500, and you get a license for a software program that runs on your laptop so that your iPad can stream data to this program, capturing three dimensional images like the one below.  

Think of the possible uses, from capturing information from a scene investigation to creating a three dimensional model for display at trial.  Watch this informative Youtube video and let your imagination go!