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You don't need an expensive ELMO projector to serve as your document camera.  Use your iPad and this companion app called Stage Pro.  The app is just $5.00.   Buy a Belkin light table for less than $150, two options discussed below, and you are in business.


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Belkin Tablet Stage

This holds your your iPad in an adjustable frame, and uses your built in camera as the video projector.  It comes with a portable LED light for illuminating the documents or items displayed.  Connect it to your projector or monitor.

Belkin portable Tablet Stage

This is a smaller, more portable version of a light table.  You can also use it to simply hold your iPad in place when using it at a podium or from a table.  

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Stage Pro app

This $5.00 app gives you so much more than just a live image.  You can add a document to your screen and use the pen to draw connections between an item and something described in writing.  You can bring up a white board and simply draw on it.  Use your imagination and find ways of connecting your visual content to your audience.