Snagit screen capture software

Snagit screen capture software


Snagit allows you to quickly and effectively capture whatever is being displayed on your screen, whether it is a still image or a video.  You can then edit what you have captured, save it, and drop your capture into a presentation, such as a PowerPoint slide.  So often we see something in our internet search--a powerful image or a video--that we would like to "capture" and use in a presentation.  This is the ideal tool for that purpose.   Don't be confined to finding only "stock images" and canned photos for use in your presentations.  This powerful and easy to use program allows you to snag anything out there on the internet, edit it, and use it.   Snagit is a software program that runs on Windows and Apple computers. 


But it doesn't stop there.  Snagit allows you to record what you are doing on your screen as a video, including the option of adding video from your webcam.  So you can put together explanatory tutorials.  Think about all of the uses for this, such as narrating a video or explaining a step-by-step operation.  We will be building Snagit tutorials and putting them on this website over time.


Below are a series of tutorials showing the step-by-step process for capturing, editing, sharing, and displaying captured images and video.

Overall functionality


This tutorial explains all of the basic functions for capturing screen content found on the web.


This tutorial explains that tools available in the program to edit what you have captured, adding shapes, color, explanatory comments, and the like.

Building slides on Snagit's "Canvas"

This "canvas" feature allows you to build unique graphical images with Snagit tools.  Then use what you have created in your presentation that you are building on PowerPoint.

sharing what you have captured

Now that you have captured and edited an image, watch this tutorial to learn how to quickly send your media to other programs for use.

creating and capturing a video tutorial that you make

Snagit allows you to capture a video recording of your on-screen activities, useful if you want to create an instructional video, adding narration and even video cam footage of you as you give an explanation.

panoramic capture

We all know how our iPhone or other smart phones can take a panoramic image, essentially stitching together a series of images as they pass by the restricted field of view displayed on our phone.  Well, sometimes we find large images on the internet that more than fill a single screen of our computer, and we want to capture the whole larger image without having to take individual screen captures and somehow stitch them together ourselves.  Guess what, Snagit does that for us, working much like the same feature on our smart phone.  This tutorial tells you how to do it.