Note taking on an ipad

Notability is an app that you can use on your iPad, Mac, and iPhone to take and organize notes, synching them across all your devices and saving them to cloud storage.  

The app is best used on an iPad Pro, which allows you to utilize the Apple Pencil stylus.  You can handwrite or type, insert documents, images, or photos.  Have your notes with you all the time and access them anywhere.  Once you start using this app, you will not switch back to a yellow legal pad.

Apple believes that Notability is THE app to use for note taking and features it on its video highlighting the features of the new iPad Pro. Watch this clip. You will see that Notability has the ability to recognize your handwriting and convert it to text. It is the best note taking app available.

Sync notes across all of your devices.

Take notes on your laptop, iPad, or iPhone, and have those notes sync automatically across all your devices. Whether you are typing or handwriting, the notes flow across devices seamlessly. Add photos or images as you go. It is an easy way to stay organized.


Here is a 15 minute tutorial that is quite comprehensive on how to use all of the key features of Notability.

testimonial of a real user

"Having now used Notability for a couple of years as an exclusive note taking vehicle in trial, I have found some practical tips to pass on.  Working on an iPad with all trial exhibits loaded into TrialPad, I am quickly able to take a screenshot of a particular exhibit or portion of an exhibit that is the subject of examination. I then bring that screenshot (which is in my Photos on the iPad) into my notes in Notability, allowing me to mark up exactly what portion of the exhibit is being discussed.  Changing colors with my stylus, I make notes about questions to ask in cross examination.  The flexibility of changing colors, importing images, and viewing all pages of my notes in a side view, allow me to stay organized and completely prepared for cross examination."  Bob Christie, Christie Law Group