Features Overview

The following is a glossary of apps featured on the site for your reference.


TrialPad for iPad

TrialPad for iPad--an app for iPad, giving you a full trial presentation program that is easy to use.

atlas by visualbody.jpg

Visible Body by Atlas

Visible Body by Atlas--an app for iPad that displays all aspects of the human anatomy.  Visually compelling.

timeline 3d.PNG

Timeline 3D by Beedocs

Timeline 3D by Beedocs--an app for iPad that allows for the creation of visual timelines with three dimensional appearance.



PowerPoint--a staple for presentations, it has been upgraded over the years and is very powerful.  Runs on PCs, Macs, and all tablets, both Windows and Apple.

trial director.PNG

Trial Director

Trial Director--a program that runs exclusively on Windows and can be run on a Microsoft Surface.  A full trial presentation program.



Notability--an app for note taking.  Allows you to bring in images and write on them. Excellent note organization and backup.



DepoView--a program that works with Trial Director to quickly and easily create video clips of deposition testimony synched with the written transcript.



iAnnotate--an app for iPad.  Great for reviewing and making notations on PDFs.



StagePro--an app that works with an inexpensive Belkin Light table, better than a full blown Elmo projector.


Teleprompt 3+

Teleprompt 3+ --an app that turns your iPad into a full blown teleprompter.  It works with the companion app on your iPhone that serves as a remote control, allowing you to pause, speed up, or slow down the scroll rate of your text on the iPad. 



Snagit--a program that runs on Windows or IOS, allowing you to capture stills and video from your screen. It also allows you to record a video of your on-screen activities, or even record yourself narrating your work.


3D mapping

3D mapping--use Google Earth or the Maps app or program on your iPad, Mac, or PC device to help orient your audience in 3D to a geographic location.


TranscriptPad and DocReviewPad

TranscriptPad and DocReviewPad--two companion apps to TrialPad that allow you to efficiently review documents and transcripts, add issue coding, and import them into TrialPad.